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The largest poker network GGNetwork has developed its own application for playing in closed clubs – ClubGG. The beta version of this application appeared in January 2021, and it may well be a serious competitor to operators such as PPPoker and PokerBros. It should be noted that the GG network was one of the last to implement the possibility of creating private tables.

ClubGG Review

ClubGG was created as a playground for playing with conditional currency between friends and acquaintances. The application is installed on mobile devices for iOS and Android. In the beta, you can only play two types of poker so far – Omaha and Hold’em. However, with the release of the full version, the ability to play Chinese Poker and Hold’em with a short deck will be added.

The game at ClubGG clubs is played in a conventional currency, which is here called Diamonds. Diamonds are bought in a virtual store.

ClubGG application review

The ClubGG mobile application, like many other platforms of a similar type, has a vertical orientation. Compared to its competitors, ClubGG has improved graphics, added more features and advanced settings.

As in the poker room GGPokerok, the dark red colours are used in the design of the private clubs of ClubGG. From the application lobby, you can see a list of clubs the player is a member of. They are marked with special icons.

At the top of the screen, the username is indicated, his balance in diamonds, and a bad beat jackpot can also be displayed, if it exists in the club. In the lobby, you can view the tables available for play, as well as filter them by several parameters. The tables are marked with icons, which can be used to determine the following characteristics of the game: type of poker, format, number of players, elapsed time since the table was created, size of blinds. Active tables are marked with a yellow arrow.

The capabilities of the ClubGG mobile application allow you to open no more than three tables simultaneously. However, using the emulator, the client can also be installed on a personal computer. In this case, you can play a larger number of tables, which will be convenient for multi-table players. Also, when installing the application on a PC, you can use programs to collect statistics and display the HUD at the tables using converters.

ClubGG also has its own functions for collecting statistics. For example, you can find out the number of hands and tournaments played, as well as view the performance of your game in the Career section. In addition, basic game indicators such as VPIP, C-bet, PFR and others are available. You can study the hand history in the Profile section.

Clubs ClubGG

The poker game at ClubGG is organised within private clubs. Anyone can create such a club in just a few clicks. To do this, click on the Create Club button in the lobby. In the window appeared, you need to specify the name of the club and set an avatar, or upload your own image. After that, confirm the creation of the club by clicking on the Create button. Now you can see the club ID and other information. Other players will be able to apply to the club using this identifier.

ClubGG has a unique VPIP customisation feature. With its help, club owners can themselves set the minimum VPIP parameter for the tables being created, which all players must adhere to. When you create a table, you specify the VPIP as a percentage and the sample of hands on which this percentage is calculated. For example, setting a VPIP of 50% at a distance of 50 hands, players who participate in 24 hands or less will be automatically removed from the table. Thanks to this function, you can significantly increase the activity of players, making the game more dynamic and interesting.

When creating tournaments, you can set the following parameters: 

  1. Name and number of players at the tables. 
  2. Maximum number of players available for registration. 
  3. Ticket price and commission. 
  4. Levels duration – from 2 to 15 min. 
  5. Initial stack size. 
  6. Time to make a move – 13-25 seconds. 
  7. The ability to re-enter. 
  8. Prize fund distribution structure. 
  9. Total guaranteed prize pool. 
  10. Time and duration of breaks. 

Club creators also have a number of additional features. They can track players – by looking at the statistics, they will find out how much a certain player won and what commission he paid. The account of attracted players by agents is also kept. The owner can join his club with others to create large alliances. Creating clubs and inviting players to them is free. However, in order for more than 1000 people to register in the club, the owner must pay 10.000 diamonds.

How to play for real money at ClubGG


The game in the ClubGG clubs is played with the conventional currency – Diamonds. However, diamonds have real value; money can buy them. To make deposits and cash-outs, please contact our manager. We accept Skrill, Neteller or Cryptocurrencies. We will also help you choose a club that will meet all your requirements and wishes. Our agents will ensure the efficiency of transactions and guarantee the safety of your funds. 

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* Please note that in order to withdraw money from crypto to fiat, you will need verification on the exchange. The process takes no more than 24 hours


Advantages and disadvantages of ClubGG

The ClubGG app has only recently appeared, so it is difficult to judge all the advantages and disadvantages of this operator. But already today, several advantages can be noted:

  1. Relatively weak formulations. 
  2. Mobile device support. 
  3. The ability to quickly withdraw money. 
  4. Fast, functional software with many settings. 
  5. Prompt transfer of chips between clubs. 

Players who first encounter closed clubs may be a little confused by the non-standard organisation of the game and financial transactions. However, you quickly get used to it. Also, among the shortcomings, one can single out the inability to make transactions on their own. However, our agents deposit and withdraw money very quickly, so you won’t experience any inconvenience.

To sum up, ClubGG is an excellent poker application that today can successfully compete with such well-known operators as PPPoker and PokerBros. Install the software on your smartphone and enjoy the game with your friends in private clubs. 

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