Best clubs of ClubGG

ClubGG is one of the most popular and largest poker apps. This platform was created by the world famous brand and the leader in the field of online poker – GGPoker. The ClubGG application was created with the aim of organizing games in closed clubs, even in those countries where poker is banned. Thanks to this, the GG network was able to significantly expand the scope of its activities.

The ClubGG application has the following advantages:

  • High traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Reliable and recognizable brand.
  • There are many recreational players from different countries, including the USA and Asian countries.
  • There are many clubs available with high traffic and weak fields.
  • Availability of the application in all countries and regions, since officially it does not involve playing for real money.

Financial transactions (deposits and cash-outs) in ClubGG must be carried out via agents. However, most players are already accustomed to this system. Often, cash-outs using agents’ help occur much faster than using the cash desk of a euro room.

Review of the best ClubGG clubs

GGNetwork, the largest network in the world, has decided to develop a club mobile application in 2021. The released product began to successfully compete with market leaders – PPPoker and PokerBros. Specialists from NSUS Limited worked on the development of the software.

ClubGG is a free application that is available for installation on gadgets running both iOS and Android operating systems.

Unlike traditional poker rooms, where there is a common pool of players, in ClubGG players are divided into clubs based on territorial or other parameters, and the clubs, in turn, are united into Unions. This helps to increase the number of players in one pool. The administrator of each Union or Club himself sets the internal currency rate.

ClubGG is a social gambling platform that does not officially organize games for real money.

Once you start playing in the clubs discussed in this article, you can count on high rakeback, reaching 55%, and round-the-clock assistance from the support team. We also guarantee fast and safe deposits and withdrawals.

Is it safe to play ClubGG?

Considering that the creator of ClubGG is the largest poker network GGNetwork, the reliability of which is beyond doubt, the poker application also meets the highest standards of quality and safety. The random number generator used in ClubGG has been approved by independent laboratories and is regularly tested. The application does not require a license, because it does not involve organizing a game for real money.

  • The application was created in 2021.
  • Certified RNG.
  • No need for ID verification.

Your agent is entirely responsible for the safety of financial transactions. ClubGG employees will not be able to help you if an unscrupulous agent deceives you, because inside the application the game is played using fictitious currency.

How do ClubGG clubs differ from regular poker rooms?

Newbies to club poker should clearly know how mobile applications like ClubGG differ from standard poker rooms. Here are some of the main distinguishing characteristics that ClubGG has:

  • There is no common lobby; each club operates completely independently. Access to clubs is provided by agents.
  • There is no cash desk in the application; deposits and cash-outs go through agents.
  • The traffic in the clubs is less than in large poker rooms, but the rosters are weaker.

ClubGG Clubs and Agents

Clubs in the ClubGG mobile application are closed communities with their own rules and features, which are determined by administrators. Each club uses ClubGG software to organize games. It is the application that unites all these communities, otherwise they may differ: the size of the bets, the format and types of poker, the currency of the game, the exchange rate, etc.

The head of the marketing department at GGPoker believes that ClubGG is a platform for organizing home games. This platform allows poker fans to play in the virtual space using fictitious currency. Many clubs are already thinking about starting to organize games for real money.

It is difficult to find the best poker club, because each of them has its own, individual advantages. The choice of a particular club depends on the personal criteria and requirements of each player. When choosing a place to play, you need to take into account what kind of traffic there is in the club, what country the players are from, what they play the most and at what limits.

Recommended clubs

1 . Coin Club (UTG Union) id 123456

The first ClubGG Union created in the application.

Most of the players here are from Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bosnia and other Slavic countries. As you can imagine, the tables quickly turn into a real battlefield!

But UTG Union is definitely famous for its soft pitch. You can find a game at almost any time of the day, which is an advantage for those looking for active clubs.

2. Union Lemon Club 

CHIBBIES id113505 (ref1814-1175)

It’s a decent option for a minor club to play against a few recreational players, but it’s definitely not a place where you can grind for hours or be able to completely dominate games for months.

We provide 100% secure access to ClubGG Lemon Union, as well as all other alliances and private clubs.

3. ClubGG Swiss Union ID 846222. 

Focused on NLH and has many active tables in the evening in Europe. It quickly collects 15-20 active tables out of thin air. There’s plenty of action and plenty of smaller players lurking around. To overcome this, the club charges a high rake, which is currently 5% with an unlimited cap. For now, this only leads to one more negative point, as tight regulars continue to emerge despite the punishing rake structure.

Another attempt to attract more recreational players is to host freeroll tournaments. This move, however, has also backfired as it only attracts freeloaders who have no plans to play for the club.

This is still a good option for No Limit Hold’em, but is more of a minor addition to your main arsenal.

4. Israel Kingdom

AP Israel id 553841 (ref 4810-0597)

Another club with weak pool, but it has become more international. There are weak players, but long gone are the days when there were only fish players from Israel.

Large number of games, huge variety of tables, limits from 0.10/0.20 to 5/10, one of the best high stakes Omaha games on ClubGG.

If you want to develop your own club, then the ClubGG application is the most suitable platform. You have the opportunity to organize a personal club with your own rules and requirements, and you do not have to pay anything for organization, opening tables, adding chips, etc.

How to create your own club

There is nothing difficult about creating your own club. You need to follow a few simple steps:

  • In the main lobby of the application, select “Create Club”.
  • Select an avatar suitable for the club, come up with a unique name, and click on “Create”.
  • After the system verifies the specified data, your club will be assigned an ID, which will be displayed on the screen.

Now you can send the club ID to your friends and acquaintances, thereby inviting them to your poker community. To start the game you need to create tables:

  • From the club menu, select “Create New Table”.
  • Decide on the poker format.
  • Enter the following information for the table:
    • Cash or tournament, table name, number of participants.
    • Blind and ante size.
    • Buy-ins taking into account rake for MTT, rake for cash.
    • Parameters for tournaments: guarantee, distribution of payments, structure, breaks.
    • Duration of the game, insurance.
    • Restrictions.

Where to find a reliable agent

In conditions where interaction between the application and players occurs through an intermediary, cases of fraud are common. Unfortunately, unscrupulous agents still exist today.

Before you entrust your money to the agent you choose, you should answer the following questions:

  • How much does your financial situation depend on playing poker? What happens if suddenly your ClubGG club collapses and your agent disappears? It must be taken into account that clubs disappear as quickly as they are created, so be prepared for such situations
  • Can the agent prove his reputation and reliability? Perhaps he has his own website, or he has become famous among poker players.
  • You should not choose an agent based on the size of the welcome bonus they offer. The most important parameter that will affect the profitability of your game over the long term is rakeback.
  • How quickly are payments processed?

Games, limits and software at ClubGG

The best games for you

In the ClubGG application, such types of poker as No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO4, PLO5, PLO6), Hold’em 6+ are available and the addition of Chinese poker is expected.

The range of playable limits at ClubGG is very wide, so each player will be able to select cash tables and tournaments in accordance with their financial capabilities.

Convenience of the mobile application

The ClubGG mobile platform is supported by iOS and Android operating systems.

You can download ClubGG software from the official Goggle Play and App Store app stores. iPhone owners do not need to install an additional profile. The design and interface of the mobile application is comparable to a poker room. The main information about the player is at the top of the screen. When you click on the menu button, you can select one of the following sections:

  • A store for purchasing diamonds.
  • Incoming messages, where notifications from the club will be displayed.
  • Home page, or main lobby.
  • Statistics – here you can sort games and clubs.
  • Player profile displaying the history of hands played.

Tables in ClubGG are displayed in the same way as in the mobile client of the GGNetwork network. You can use the same emoji to express your emotions. To specify the bet size or go all-in, you can use the slider or enter the bet manually. Buttons for standard bets the size of which can be adjusted are also available. The tables also have a vertical orientation. During the game it is strictly prohibited to use additional software and bots.

The application has a nice design and is stable and fast. It is expected that additional functions will be gradually added to the existing ones. With that being said, the software from ClubGG promises to be no worse than the application from the poker room.

Promotions and bonuses

Considering that the platform itself does not organize real money games, it cannot offer its users cash bonuses. However, this does not mean that there are no gifts in ClubGG. Bonuses are often given out by specific clubs. Some clubs specially organize profitable promotions to attract new players.

Rake structure

The method of withdrawal and the size of the rake depends on the club and the preferences of its administrator. Caps can vary from 0.1 BB to infinity. The commission is usually 5%. The rake is quite comparable to the commission of regular poker rooms. But it would be nice if tables without a cap were somehow designated.


Diamonds are the only currency that can be purchased with real money. Poker chips are used to play at the ClubGG tables.

There are several rules regarding in-game currency. It is prohibited to gift or exchange virtual items outside the platform. You cannot use virtual goods from the game to exchange or sell for real money. Thus, all financial transactions that will be carried out by you using real money are entirely your responsibility and the responsibility of your agent.

The method used for deposits and withdrawals depends on the payment systems used by your agent. This could be bank cards, electronic systems, cryptocurrency.


The network’s support team can be contacted by email at [email protected].

However, when you play ClubGG for real money, you should contact your agent with any questions.


Just as GGPoker has monopolized the online poker market, ClubGG is expected to become the leader among poker apps. The number of clubs is gradually increasing, and the popularity of this platform is increasing. To gain access to the largest clubs with weak squads, contact our managers.

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