PPPoker, Pokerbros, ClubGG – application comparison

Mobile poker apps are becoming more and more popular every year. Unlike classic poker rooms, where all users are united in a common pool, games in such applications are played in private clubs. You can get into these clubs only by invitation, and financial transactions are carried out with the participation of an intermediary agent.

Such an unusual format is justified by the main task of mobile poker applications – the organization of home games, which have their own rules. Indeed, in private clubs there is no specific owner who profits from the operation of the application. The organizers of the clubs only remove the rake to maintain the operation of the software and conduct games.

There are currently three mobile applications that dominate the club online poker market: PPPoker, PokerBros and ClubGG. They attract poker fans with weak lineups, high attendance and a large selection of disciplines and limits. The software of these companies is regularly updated, becoming more user-friendly, secure, and acquiring new features.

The principle of operation of all three applications is similar. The game is organized within clubs, which can form alliances to increase traffic. They play in these clubs for conditional chips, which are tied to a certain currency and have a real value. Deposits and cashouts are made through agents who also provide access to the clubs.

In this article, we will look at the main characteristics of the PPPoker, PokerBros and ClubGG mobile applications: the features and convenience of the software, the choice of poker formats, attendance, available limits, ways to make financial transactions, support for poker trackers. Based on the information received, you will be able to choose the most suitable application for you.


PPPoker is the first app to host a poker game of this format. At the moment, PPPoker is the largest platform with the largest clubs and alliances, uniting players from many countries of the world. The application has earned its popularity due to the introduction of innovative technologies, competent organization of the game and customer focus. This application constantly pleases its users with various innovations, for example, new game formats or unique VIP program conditions.

PPPoker is a platform for players from all over the world. Other applications usually focus on specific geolocations. For example, PokerBros mainly attracts poker players from the USA. PPPoker has a lot of players from the post-Soviet space, the Philippines, India, and Australia.

One of the most important distinguishing features of PPPoker is a large number of tables at low stakes. Therefore, for micro-grinders, this application is ideal. Although at medium and high stakes there is also a lot of play here.


PokerBros is a relatively new application, but has managed to gain popularity in the world of club poker. The platform has an unusual, fun interface, high traffic and a weak pool. Most recreational players are from the US. Although in the application you can find clubs from Asian countries, Great Britain, Australia, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Brazil and other parts of the world.

When you first sit down at the PokerBros virtual table, you will immediately feel the difference from PPPoker. The fact is that VPIP players are not displayed here. The main fish detector is missing. But do not despair – you can easily spot weak loose players, of which there are quite a lot in PokerBros.

For fans of SNGs and Spins, PokerBros is the best choice. These formats are presented here in a wide range of limits. But for those who prefer to play one on one, this application is not suitable. Heads-up format is practically not played at PokerBros.

In addition to traditional disciplines, at PokerBros you will also find quite rare types of poker. For example, you can play NLH Pineapple. In this format, players are dealt three cards instead of two. And if in other applications one card is folded immediately preflop, then in PokerBros you watch the flop first, and then decide which card to get rid of.


Another new mobile app, ClubGG, hit the market in January 2021. The release of this platform is justified by the fact that due to the ban on poker in some countries, the GG network cannot work in them. Thanks to the creation of a mobile application in which the game is played for play money, the company has expanded its scope of activities.

The ClubGG application is developed on a similar engine to the GGPokerok poker room. There are also many interesting features and visual effects here, which makes the game process more interesting and fun. With this application, you can create private clubs and organize poker games within them.

You can expect ClubGG to take the lead in the online club poker market, as the largest poker network in the world is responsible for promoting the platform. In terms of its functions and capabilities, the application is ahead of competitors. Loyal game conditions, a wide range of disciplines, a rather weak field and a user-friendly interface attract more and more poker fans to ClubGG.

Varieties of games in applications

In all three applications, you can play no-limit hold’em, pot-limit Omaha, short-deck hold’em and some other varieties of poker. In PPPoker and PokerBros, there is also such a discipline as pot-limit Omaha Hi-Lo. You can play open Chinese poker at PPPoker and ClubGG. In the same applications, SNGs and MTT tournaments are organized with a wide variety of buy-ins.

In the PokerBros app, you can play an exclusive type of Omaha – Double Board, or a double board. The name fully explains the peculiarity of this game – instead of one board, two boards are laid out at once. Thus, each player can make twice as many combinations, which increases the action and increases the pots played. This application will be the best choice for those who like SNGs and Spins, as well as fixed limit games.

PokerBros also provides its users with access to the author’s mixed cash tables, consisting of a maximum of 22 types of games. Before sitting at the table, the player must first choose the format of the game by limits, then – the principle of transition between games (randomly or in order), the number of seats at the table, as well as the frequency of changing games in the played hands (from 1 to 20 hands).

PPPoker also boasts a huge variety of poker types and formats. This application contains games such as NLH, PLO, PLO5, Short Deck, PLO6, PLO8, NLH Pineapple and some others. Naturally, certain disciplines prevail in each particular club. For example, the Australian club PPPFish has the most short deck Hold’em cash tables.


Bots and team play are the main problems that all the popular poker rooms in the world face. The considered mobile applications did not avoid similar problems. However, software developers with each update make it more and more secure and protected from bot attacks. You can check the application websites for the latest features that have been introduced since the update. Additionally, the anti-cheating team monitors the tables 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

PPPoker uses more than 80 unique indicators to identify and block bots, as well as users who use prohibited software. This application is very tough on rule breakers. Players caught cheating are permanently banned. Therefore, all users of the application can be sure that they are playing against real players, and not against bots.

PokerBros has implemented the Anti-Bot option, thanks to which the player will not be able to take a seat at the table until the image on the screen is aligned. If a player fails to cope with the task within 15 seconds and does not pass the anti-bot test, then access to the cash table or tournament will be closed for him.

The PPPoker app visually resembles a full-fledged poker site. In the “Forum” section, you can watch and exchange records of interesting hands with other players, comment on them. When buying VIP cards in the “Shop”, you can open access to the main statistics on opponents. But in the PokerBros client, the main stats are shown even without purchasing VIP cards.

The PokerBros mobile application allows you to filter tables by several parameters: format, type of poker, number of players, table lifetime, limits. You can play up to five tables at the same time. If you use the emulator to play on a PC, you will be able to open more tables. In addition, resorting to emulators and converters, you can use programs to collect statistics. Although PokerBros also has its own HUD, which displays the number of hands played, VPIP, PFR, C-bet and some other stats.

The PPPoker client is made in a conservative style, without unnecessary design elements. PokerBros is more advanced in this regard – it has a more interesting cartoon-style design. If in PPPoker it is possible to put any picture or photo on the avatar, then the choice of avatars in PokerBros is limited to standard images.

The PPPoker app has a unique feature called EV Chop. After pushing all-in and showing hands, the player can immediately receive that part of the pot, which corresponds to his chances of winning. For example, by activating the EV Chop feature and betting with 60/40 odds, you will take 60% of the pot being played without waiting for the board to open.

ClubGG is designed in the same style as the GGPoker poker room. All clubs are displayed in the main lobby. The clubs available to the player are marked with an icon. Compared to its competitors, the ClubGG app features better graphics and visualization.

All financial transactions in mobile poker applications are carried out through our agent in any way convenient for you. You can replenish your account and withdraw funds using bank cards, Skrill, Neteller systems, cryptocurrency and electronic wallets. We guarantee the security of transfers and the complete safety of funds. To find out the details of transactions (limits, terms, etc.), please contact our managers.


Each of the considered mobile applications has its own strengths and weaknesses that must be considered when choosing a platform. So, PPPoker boasts a large number of games at micro, low and medium stakes, as well as a wide selection of heads-up tables. It also has the most clubs from all over the world, including Indian communities with a low level of play. PPPoker allows you to play Short Deck Hold’em and NLH Pineapple. For high rollers, this app might not be the best choice as there isn’t a lot of action at the high stakes.

PokerBros is ideal for micro limit grinders and mixed game lovers. This application has a lot of exclusive types of poker and formats, such as Omaha Double Board. Compared to PPPoker, PokerBros has more SNGs and Spins. But there are no heads-up tables. Also, one of the disadvantages of this operator is the inability to see the VPIP of opponents.

The ClubGG mobile application embodies all the advantages of the most popular poker room, GGPokerOK. The software has received a huge number of features that can make the game not only more comfortable, but also interesting and fun. ClubGG does not support poker trackers to collect statistics in order to protect recreational players.

Join the best ClubGG, PPPoker and PokerBros clubs through our agents. We will provide you with the best conditions for registering and receiving rakeback. And a team of professionals from the support service will quickly help you with any issue related to the use of mobile poker applications.

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